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Introducing Adoora Faraz Arya Engineering Company

Adoora Engineering Company is proud to introduce the most established and highest quality Automated Door، to the building industry of the country and our esteemed customers.

Since 2009، by reliance on the experiences of its managers who are amongst the individuals with the longest record of employment in the field of automated door in Iran، and with a collection of experts in the field of electronic and mechanical engineering، this company has been making a comprehensive survey on companies manufacturing automated doors throughout the world and by considering different aspects has selected these systems to be offered in the market of Iran.

Having acquired valuable experiences، this company is proud to supply its automated doors with the best quality and expanded after-sales services.

As a company، the experience of which extends back to many years ago، it is axiomatic that we must act responsibly relevant to the people who work with us and also the environment surrounding us.  

We are pleased that we are participating toward development of capabilities of the future generation so that they may grow in a world in which high standards are offered for a high quality living.

In our opinion، sustained output means implementation of solutions which are distinct regarding quality and productivity and utilize the minimum resources available.

  • Our obligation toward humanity and the environment is reflected in our chain of value creation:
  • Development and Achievement
  • Production
  • Packing and Transportation
  • Product Application
  • Recycling

Features of Adoora Automated Doors:

  • Utilizing most advanced and most famous engine in the world
  • Capability of changing rail sections
  • Automatic microprocessing trouble-shooting
  • Modular system (capability of changing components without dismounting of the whole system)
  • Utilizing safety sensors
  • Utilizing smart photocell for detecting movement of individuals
  • Capability of connecting to access control devices and building management system (BMS)

By utilizing automated glass doors، the entrance of buildings become modern، nice and safe and also wasting of energy is prevented. Furthermore، another important reason for using these doors is observing public health، especially in hospitals and health centers.

It is worth mentioning that، thanks to the support of the expanded spectrum of clients which are mainly important governmental and private organizations، Adoora Engineering Company is able to offer its products and services at suitable quality and prices. Furthermore، all the above products and services are offered with the official warranty and after-sales-services of Adoora Engineering Company.

*Our obligation to the human beings and environment، the thing that in our opinion is mandatory and you can count on it. 

You can be confident that a decision making regarding our products is actually a decision making concerning a careful supervision regarding our environment.

This is a sign of high performance for our permanent and loyal customers.

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