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The central pillar of the Classic (CL) large revolving door is stronger than that of the CLASSIC small and is made from steel. It has an integral break-out system and is ideal for larger door diameters.

  • door diameters from 3.6 to 6.2 m
  • visible aluminium door leaf profile 76 x 76 mm
  • visible drum wall profiles - upper 73 mm، lower 105 mm
  • crown compartment from 500 mm
  • drive located in the roof system
  • available with 3 or 4 leaves
  • rescue and escape routes with break-out function (mechanical emergency opening system which allows the leaves to be swung out of the way so as to give unimpeded access/entry)
  • windbrake function: electro-mechanical arrest of the break-out door leaves

Additional Functions

  • night closure: available with locks; the cleverly designed internal guidance system prevents dirt build-up and is weather-resistant
  • integral air curtain – able to prevent minor drafts
  • display case: can be illuminated and also upgrades the entrance from its position in the centre of the revolving door.

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