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Invisible Drive Solution

Invisible Drive Solutions

When invisible drive solutions are used، the entire automation system for the door is concealed in the floor or ceiling. The door looks like a normal swing door – neither the drive nor the linkage is visible. Invisible drive solutions are perfectly suited for every location where aesthetics have a part to play or where an automated door system provides particular convenience because of high door leaf weights.

Optional Areas of Use

  • Fire and smoke doors
  • Smoke extraction
  • Emergency and rescue routes
  • Hermetic doors
  • Sound-proof doors
  • Radiation-proof doors
  • Minergie doors
  • Barrier-free construction

Additional Functions

  • Push & Go
  • Door closing function
  • Air-lock and porch function
  • Access control
  • Building automation
  • Two programmable independent movement sequences
  • Unchanged movement sequence - independent of wind and temperature influences

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